Hell Hath No Fury…

Like an exhausted Toddler. So, it’s my fault, I know that, for not giving Brighton enough time for naps when he needs them. I’ve put what I’ve needed to do ahead of him getting the rest that I know he needs. So, tonight, I get home and try to gingerly bring the sleeping bear into the house, in heels, walking over dogs and cats – the plan being to lay the baby in his crib to drift into dreamland while I did the chores. Yeah Right. I walk in the door, trip over the dog who is laying in the middle of the hallway (of course, because there is no other place in the house to lay…) and almost fall as I twist my ankle in my heels and fall against the wall, waking up the baby. Great. So I put said baby in said crib so I can do my chores and all the while listen to the whails and sobs. Finally I am done with chores and grab freaking out baby and proceed to the bedroom to change my clothes and get out of the dangerous heels. Finally we make it out to the kitchen where I attempt (foolish me) to feed my son who by this time has bags the size of double d’s under his eyes who then swats the food away from him, turns his head towards the Tele which isn’t on and shoves his sippy cup off his tray to the ground. Finally, I manage to coax the cub to eat some macaroni and cheese. When he is done, I take him from his highchair and set him in the living room in front of his toys and (haha) attempt to clean the mess in the kitchen. Well, all the rest of the night, he’s throwing magazines in between reading books, slapping me in the face, I try like a fool to give him a time out for one minute. He thinks this is hilarious. Finally I grab “The Baby Book” by Doctor Sears and furitively search for “time out” and “discipline”. All I get is a chapter on how wrong I’ve been doing things when it comes to discipline and how I need to study how I handle stress (HUH!? YEAH WELL BUDDY, I’m not a good example for that but I’m all he’s got at this moment…) so I take a couple of deep breaths, oji breathing, pick up the overtired toddler, toss the book aside, and attempt to manhandle Baby to sleep…It almost works! But he’s fighting it, so finally I put him in his crib and lock the dog in with him. LOL that’s the funny part. All is well, until dog (feebee) shakes her head and the tags on her collar wake up the sleeping bear. Now he is fast asleep on the bed and I’ve escaped yet again to post this painful blog for your entertainment.


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