Ala Crazy Messy

I will post pics when I have them but yesterday was a terrible messy day for the BDog. Breakfast wasn’t bad, lunch was another story. We started out good with mac and cheese and crumbly hamburger, then came the pudding. He wanted to spoon the pudding out all by himself so I let him. After sitting there with him for, oh say, 20 minutes, I decided to do some picking up. The next time I saw him and the pudding, it was all over his face, his tray, his clothes, his hands, the table and goodness only knows where else. Not to mention, when I went to throw the pudding away I noticed macaroni noodles and bits of hamburger in it. Which can only mean one or two things. He had the mac in his mouth and redistributed it to the pudding container or the less likely, he found some on his chair (less likely because the dog would have grabbed any stray noodles or hanburger bits.) He ditched the spoon and went right for the hands. YUCK! For supper, we had goulash. Which also started out OK until he decided to “lick the plate”. Hmmm… Wonder who taught him that – Grandpa Luke? By the end his face was awash with red tomato and cheese mixture and flecked with bits of noodle and beans and hamburger. It was lovely. I promptly removed his shirt and placed him in the tub.


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