A Grand Day

Yesterday was a truly grand day. We got up and went for a beautiful but chilly, walk at about 7 AM. We came home and had a nice family breakfast (cooked by mom – thank you thank you…) and then Dad went outside to work while mom put Brighton down for a nap and played on the computer for a while. When he woke up, we went outside and helped Dad rake leaves and clean up window boxes and planters. Then when we were done with that, and after lunch, we went out and carved pumpkins before we went to Trick or Trunk. THEN we had a WONDERFUL dinner at Nana Sally and Papa Tom’s house after Brighton trick or treated them in his halloween costume. The whole day felt like a Norman Rockwell Painting. I guess there are good things about living in a small community.

Notice anything particularly familiar about our three pumpkins? I picked Andrew’s (top) because it reminded me of his head. I picked mine (in the middle) because it was round and jolly. And BRighton picked out his own – because it was cute 🙂 And has an alfalfa hair on top.

Some new things Brighton has learned: To lick his plate, the signs for puppy, eat, mommy milk, car, to stash food down his shirt for the next time he gets hungry, to blow kisses, to give eskimo kisses, to pet the puppy gently…

Visit Brighton’s Picturetrail website for more photos.


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