T’was All Hallows Eve

Enjoy the little poem I made up. I am now waiting for Mr. Brighton to wake up because Day Care didn’t give him a nap today so I’m afraid he’s going to miss out on trick or treating…Visit his picturetrail website to view photos of him on Sunday, the only day he got to wear his costume…I’m not upset about it. Really I’m not….I like wasting $20 on a costume that he’s going to wear on every other day than the ONE DAY he’s SUPPOSED TO WEAR IT!

T’was All Hallows Eve
And all though the place
The rush to get candy
was, oh yes, quite a race!
The goblins and ghouls,
all ready to spook!
While the ghosts were all practicing
Their scariest…BOO!

But the children know better than to be afraid
Because all those ghost and goblins
Are just their friends in cloth sheets and chains.
So get your toothbrush and get ready to eat
There’s going to be lots of candy
For every trick or treat!

Happy Halloween!


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