Election Day Hangover

Well, there are lots of things to report, but I’m so stinking tired that I hope to remember them all!

Brighton is getting braver and braver, starting to take a few more steps a little more often. He’s also started hollaring out “DAAAAA DAAAAAAAA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” in the morning when he wakes up. I assume he’s calling for his DAD. Brighton just today discovered temporary tattoos. We got a sheet of them from buffalo wild wings a few weeks ago but he found them today in his “dog house” and so mom decided to show him what they were. He was very excited and chose one for his left hand (a chicken) and one for his right hand (a buffalo with wings). OK mom chose them because they were on the top, but what’s the diff? He’s also decided that he likes to ride one of his three cars around the house…all the time. Dogs be dammed he’s coming through! He has a Thomas the Train, a Dump Truck and a Radio Flyer 3 & 1/2 wheeler. Fun times…This morning I caught him trying to get to the poop in Violet’s litter box (Violet had an abscess and so until it’s more healed up – and not open – she is in a kennel in the sun room with a temporary toilet). With my supersonic mommy ears, I heard a strange noise, and came out just before he reached the poop. I think moms have another sense, a seventh sense if you will, where we just know that something is going down…I had a vision of exactly what was happening…Now, anyone who knows me, knows that A. I don’t like my son to be dirty in any way – unless it’s intentional and even then I have a hard time with it, and B. my imagination runs wild with the prospect potential bugs and parasites and bacteria and other ookies streaming around in any kind of litter, dirt or sand (thanks Merial Company…). So I was freaking out. We promptly washed hands, feet and removed all clothing that potentially touched the cesspool of invisible critters. After that mess, we ate french toast (that I didn’t prepare quickly enough) and watched the election results on GMA before turning the station to PBS and Sesame Street.

Brighton is also entering the terrible twos. And he’s not even 1 1/2 yet. I think part of it is because mommy is working a second job and has been gone almost every night and so this routine is way off. But he’s started to throw himself on the floor and bawl when something frustrates him or just plain ticks him off. So far, I’ve only been chewed out twice, maybe three times, but we get the idea.

As for the election day hangover, I was REALLY disgusted with this sessions elections. On my way home from work yesterday, I called my darling husband who reminded me to vote. “I’m not voting!! Those politicians PI$$ED ME OFF this year with all this negative garbage.” “OK” he said. After quickly changing the topic, we hung up. On my 40 minute jaunt home, I started thinking of all the people who fought to have the right to vote, women, minorities, and I started feeling obligated (I HATE that feeling!!!!!) So I decided to do it, FOR THEM. I walked in with a BAD attitude, grabbed my sheet (after being harassed about my name – “is it under Reilly or Oberbreckling? You should go to the courthouse and get that changed,” blah blah blah”) walked briskly over to the “secret voting table” and begrudgingly filled in my choices for candidates. The whole time, I had a hole in my gut, a sinking feeling. None of these people (excepting one) I would trust with my child or my government. Hell, I wouldn’t even let them take care of my pets or plants for the weekend lest they use them for some ad campaign. I thought I hated politicians before, well let me tell you, this is a whole new ballgame. They’re in a whole new level of disgust in my book. With all the ugliness in this world right now, why do they have to contribute? Why can’t we be PROGRESSIVE. I know that’s a scary word for Washington and government in general, but it’s a good thing. Really. It is. I’m done with my rant, but I want to end with this.

Thank goodness for Bob and Tom who make me laugh most mornings, Thank goodness for my son and husband who bring a smile to my face (most of the time) and thank goodness for my friends and some of my family, you know who you are, who no matter what I know I can count on, cry to, B&M about whatever, laugh with and share life with. Thank you. You are the white blanket that shields me from all things evil, sad, scary and maddening in the world today.


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