Is it just me?

Is it just me or are toddlers tempermental? I’m not sure what I did – except protect my neatly just folded towels from the predatory toddler – but all of a sudden Brighton had a minor meltdown. With the big bottom lip and everything. It was totally ridiculous. I find myself thinking a lot “is he crazy?” LOL or maybe “am I crazy?” Maybe a little bit of both. When I finally finished folding laundry, I managed to nestle the basket on my hip (kindof-as they get fuller it gets a little tougher to balance), grab my mug of coffee, dodge toys with wheels on the floor, place mug of now cold coffee into the microwave for the second time this morning, start micro, dodge dog lying in the middle of the kitchen, and finally deposit laundry basket full of towels into the bathroom to be put away. That got my mind racing, wondering just how many other moms were out there doing the very same thing – or something relatively similar. I feel so connected to other moms the instant I hear that they are a mom. It’s like we have this great secret group where we discuss everything from breastfeeding to books and in total comfort. It’s really a great thing. I suppose I’d best get off this computer. I can hear my little guy babbling in his crib – he must have just woken up from his nap. Maybe I should take advantage of his crib play and fold the other load of laundry in the dryer? Naw…that’s no fun.

Attached is the photo of the newest addition to our family. Peter Matthew! Born to Aunt Amy and Uncle Pete in NW Iowa. Isn’t he cute?!! Even though he’s a little ticked off…I can’t blame the little guy! He’s lying there half nikked!


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