Black Friday

Daddy, Brighton and I all pigged out yesterday at Nana Sally and Papa Tom’s house. We had a wonderful meal, hard apple cider (the guys had Leinenkugel’s Apple Spice Beer) and lots and lots of entertainment from the tot. He is walking more now so he toddled around, harrassed the dog with his truck, talked on the phone and of course, made somewhat of a mess during the meal. Which now that I am thinking back, I forgot to clean up…Sorry Sal. We had a very nice day to prelude Black Friday.

This will be the first time in a long time I’ve had to work retail on Black Friday and I am TERRIFIED!!!! I go in to Starbucks at 4 tonight which hopefully the crowds will have died down a bit, but I’m sure it will still be busy. Good thing I know how to make coffee and it’s a good thing I’ve been calling out drinks in my sleep…or I wouldn’t be prepared. Tomorrow is going to be the killer. I’ll be there from 10 – 4 (I think). I will be missing my family but I think I can manage to get through it for a day or so.

Update on the house. I called the owners the other day to release the 48 hour contingency and found out they’d sold the house the day before. Techinically, they breached their contract, but since we were going to release it anyway, we didn’t put up a stink. We got our $$ back and so I guess it just wasn’t the right time. Then soon after I got our money back, we got a phone call asking if our house was still up for sale. Figures. But so far nothing. It’s just a BAD time to sell I guess. Still holding out hope.



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