List 1

Some things I would never have done pre-baby:

Gone to the grocery store without a bra
Purchased a pair of mini pants for more than I would pay for my own pants
Licked my finger to wipe a smudge off of someone elses face
Picked someone else’s nose
Wiped someone else’s nose
Put my finger in someone else’s mouth to remove a foreign object
Wiped anyone else’s bum
Splashed in the bathtub
Cut anyone else’s hair
Allowed anyone to drive their cars or ride their bikes in the house
Allowed someone else to have access to my “girlies” (boobs) at any time they wanted
Been on the verge of tears because I hadn’t spent a whole day in their presence
Loved someone so unconditionally that I really would give my life for theirs

Yep, that’s the mommy story 🙂 And I’m sure the daddy story is similar.


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