List 2

Things that really tick Brighton off:

10. Venti strawberry lemonade blended drinks (or the brain freeze that follows when he drinks them too fast…)
9. Venti three pump raspberry, three pump valencia passion tea lemonades
8. The phrase “Get off of that coffeetable”
7. Having to ride in his stroller rather than push it
6. The word “NO”
5. Baby gates
4. Bras
3. The phrase “Get out of the dishwasher!”
tied with
3. The phrase “Don’t take all those hangers out of the clo…set…”
2. Mom picking his nose
and the number 1 thing that ticks Brighton off:
1. Obstacles in the road when he’s trying to drive his trike, construction vehicle or Thomas the Tank Engine. Namely, a wall, a dog, a cat or one of his bajillion toys.


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