Fa La La La La…and all that jazz

Well we finally got to take Brighton to see Santa Claus lastnight. I was working at the Starbucks Cheer Party and Dad was hanging out with Brighton. We finally decided to go ahead and take him to see Santa since he was all dressed up and in an OK mood. Dad took him over, and then about 1/2 hour later came back and said “he wouldn’t smile so I wasn’t going to pay for a picture”. OK…so a little bit later, A.J. told me he’d cover my position if I wanted to take him over (because of COURSE mom could make him smile!). I was sceptical, but I went anyway. Sure enough, Mom got him to smile and we got a great photo. I’m not quite sure it was worth 20.99, but can you put a price on his first encounter with a mall santa? And Santa had on a tractor shirt, so we couldn’t really pass that up. Next year, I think we’ll stick with the Santa at the bank. It’s free and the photo was fab.

Dad said something really funny lastnight. As we were falling asleep, all of a sudden he said “I can’t wait to find out what ‘djjjjjjzzzzz mmumm zzjjddduh’ means.” LOL that cracked me up. Dad is so funny sometimes.

PS. I’m not renewing my picturetrail account, I’ll be using YAHOO! photos instead. So, I’ll lose all the photos on my blog that I’ve linked to PT. I know the blog isn’t as much fun without the photos, but I’ve been using them for over three years and they didn’t offer me any incentive to stay and it doens’t work great with dialup.


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