Uneventful post

I had a great post in mind this morning at about 3 AM when I originally turned the computer on. Brighton woke up crying at about midnight, so I tucked him in our bed and laid there for about two and a half hours unable to fall back asleep. Finally at about 2:30 I decided to put him in his own bed after he started the alligator roll thing. Unable to fall asleep again, I turned the computer on, went in to check on the little man and he was standing in his bed just jibber jabbering to himself. That is not what I’d hoped to see. So the computer lay idle as I rocked the boy in vain. Eventually, we ended up out on the recliner together where we finally fell asleep.

Brighton Tidbits:
Brighton just consumed his first bit of dirt a few minutes ago, that was gross. All I can think of is (thanks to our yearly meeting with our merial rep for heartgard and frontline)parasites. Gross. Bright will also NEVER have a sandbox. He has played in sand, but without my permission. (with the exception of the beach…) He also consumed his first bit of dog food just the other day. I am surprised that he was able to snatch a piece while the dogs were eating. Not that they would have bitten him – I’m just surprised that there was a piece to grab! He also has a new walk. We’re calling him “professor”. I wish I could upload videos. We got a quick snapshot, but the video is hilarious. He started walking with his hands behind his back. Our blog was also featured on the front page of the Cedar Rapids Gazette last Sunday. How exciting is that?! So if you have a chance, check out Sunday December 3 online at the Cedar Rapids Gazette. You will need the logon and password, email me and I’ll give you the password and signon name so you can visit the previous week’s mail.

Well, this was a rather uneventful and boring post, so I apolgize. I write much better at 3 AM.

PS. I’m still having problems uploading photos. Sorry…


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