Stolen Moments & Minor Meltdowns

Now that Brighton is getting bigger and more independant, I really have to cherish stolen moments like rocking him to sleep in his own bedroom, sitting quietly on the chair reading a story or just having him give me a big hug. I also am learning that I have to control my temper. I had a meltdown today where I had to put him in his bed and go into my bedroom (where I slammed the door) and screamed into a pillow three times. It was a stressful day around here and it took me over an hour to get out the door. We finally made it around 2:00 pm. Not a pretty sight. I’d much rather have him look at me with love and security rather than the way he looked at me confused and a bit frightened while I was freaking out. Who was it that told me being a mom was easy? Oh yeah, no one.

Here’s Brighton’s photo with S anta.


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