After my meltdown the other day (which was spurred by an ultra slow connection and the B&N Website) I went to have DSL Installed. YAY! It is SO much easier and faster. Brighton appreciates it too. I also finally managed to get my friend Jill’s packages out on Monday. Jackie’s birthday was in November, and Jill’s on the 8th (SEE I REMEMBERED!) and I’ve been meaning to send it out before now but kept adding things and you all know how I like to make one trip rather than 10 little ones…

Brighton has a busy weekend ahead of him. Friday night we’re finally going to meet little Pete. As Andrew said, Amy and The Petes are coming over for supper. Sounds like a music band doesn’t it? Andrew is making Chicken and Buscuits. While he and B-dog are shopping, mom’s going to take the dogs to work and get them cleaned up. Mom has to work at Starbucks on Saturday but Sunday night we’re going to Grammy and Grampies for Christmas Eve. Then on Monday Morning, we’re going to open presents from Santa and then we’re having Christmas Brunch with our families. Brighton will have a lot to say I’m sure. He’s a real jabberbox these days. Most things sound like “DOG” or “SANTA (SANNA)” or “KITTY” which I’ve finally figured out what he was saying over breakfast. He would say “KEE” then point at the cat as if to say “DUH MOM! There’s the kitty. SHEESH!”

If we don’t see you, have a very happy holiday!


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