Christmas Hangover

I love the Christmas season, but I’m glad it’s over. Now I just have to get rid of this blasted Christmas Candy I made!! Brighton woke up on Christmas morning to already set out toys. Namely a “Little People” barn set, a “Smartville Tree House” and several trucks. He had a few yet to open from Mom and Dad and of course his stocking. His eyes lit up when we walked out into the room and he saw all of his new stuff. He almost didn’t want to eat breakfast, he was so busy! He opened a little at a time so as to not get overwhelmed – which he ended up being anyway. But he managed to get through it šŸ™‚ He also got a lot of tractors from Aunt Amy and “The Petes” and from Grammy & Grampie O. among other fun stuff. I’m not going to list all the things he got or it would take up all of my blog. But you get the picture. His favorite thing so far is his “Twilight Turtle”. We put it on at night and he can sleep under the stars. While I’m rocking him to sleep I try to figure out what the constellations are. So far, I’ve only found the little (or is it the big?) dipper. We turn it on and he says “Stars Mom!” It’s so cute šŸ™‚ O hyeah, one thing he had in his stocking is a cookie made by a friend of ours. She makes the best sugar cookies, cut out like santa’s and beautifully decorated. Mom put them in each of our stockings and we ate them on Christmas morning. It’s not something we do all the time but since Christmas is a celebration, we decided it was OK for the little man to eat his on Christmas Morning AFTER he had some of his breakfast.


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