How my life has changed

On my Mamasource webgroup, a soon to be new mom posed the question “how has your life changed?” She asked about money, chores, sex life. All those fun things. But my life has changed in profound ways, not so much in the little ways. So I thought I’d share my response:

“You know, my life changed drastically, but those things you mentioned are the minor things that I didn’t even really notice. Money got diverted to diapers and miniature clothing instead of double tall skinny vanilla lattes and lunch out every day with my friends. Chores? they now include bathtime every other night and picking up tractors and little people, Sex Life? Well, that’s not a whole lot different than it was before. Though for the first few MONTHS poor Daddy was on his own.

The ways in which my life changed were: I feel more compassionate towards other people. When I get upset with someone, I am shocked back into the reality that they were someone’s baby once. I can no longer watch violent movies or television shows. I get TONS of hugs and kisses from a chubby cheeked toddler. I respect and miss my mom more than ever. Make sure you let your mom know how much she means to you. My mom died the day after my son was concieved. I never thought about just how much she did for me or how much she went through (my dad passed away when I was 15, so she was a single mom for a long time.)

So my life changed in BIG ways, in profound ways. The basics, they just kind of filled in like water through a jar of marbles. Just make sure your jar is full of marbles :)”


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