Looking Forward to a New Day

After a long weekend (it seems like just yesterday that Brighton had the flu…) we’re finally going to get some rest this week hopefully. I thought I had the flu last night because as I lay down at about 9:30, I got extremely nauseous. I had Andrew get a garbage can and line it with two garbage bags just in case. I made about 5 trips to the bathroom just sure I was going to “spew”. But nothing. So I took a tums and ended up falling asleep after voice mailing and texting two of my coworkers and one of my clients telling them I may not be in – depending on how the night went. Needless to say, the night went fine and I was able to go to work and drink tea (not coffee after that night!!), groom 5 dogs, eat some toblerone and a sandwich and soup for lunch. It was a good day.

Until I brought Brighton home. He spent the day with our savior, Grammy. And when he got home, he was exhausted! He took a bath and I took a shower and I couldn’t even get out of my robe before he wanted to nurse and go sleepy. But before that, he decided while we were putting his Jammie’s on that he had to wear his train sweater that he got for Christmas from Nana Sally and Papa Tom. Choosing my battles, I granted the request, and we went about our business. He had supper, we had ice cream, brushed and flossed our teeth (yes, Brighton decided he wanted mommy to floss his teeth just like mommy does her own). After having several meltdowns, Dad finally put Brighton back to bed. So far, he’s sleeping, but I just checked on them and Bright was in his bed while Dad was in his undies rocking in the rocking chair. No doubt, a lesson he picked up from my watching “super nanny”. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and maybe we’ll look for a crib for Grammy’s house…

PS. Take a look at the pics. Notice anything different about Andrew?


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