20 Month Old Convictions

Brighton is convinced that he no longer has to sleep…ever. I’m not sure what it is that he finds so fun and fascinating around the house, but whatever it is, it’s WAY too important to stop and rest. As an adult, and a mom, I cherish those last few moments just before I drift off to sleep. Bright, on the other hand, weeps and cries, and throws everything out of his crib before he loses his battle with Mr. Sandman. Thankfully, he’s pretty predictable when he gets tired in that he gets very clingy, wants you to read book after book after book, and he gets these dark circles under his eyes. Speaking of him napping, that is precicely when I should be taking a shower, cleaning the house, doing laundry…but instead, I blog 😉

As you can see, on the day that we were getting ready to take Dad to the airport, Dad and Bright are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. And mom is just, well…bushy.


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