A Turn of Events…

.myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics OK, so today wasn’t the glorious day I’d envisioned it to be…though it was pretty close, until about 7:30ish this evening. We had our play/lunch date with Gretchen and Josey, we came home and had supper, did all our evening chores – even got a load of clothes washed and dried (but have yet to be folded! – Sal, I know you’re cringing!!!) Anyway, I’m sitting in Dad’s chair watching my most treasured show, Beauty and The Geek (even though my favorite geek got the boot tonight…) when I decided that my hands were dry and I needed to lotion them. So I took my rings off, laid them on top of the end table and went about lotioning my hands. Now, all this time, my very tired son, who when asked “is it time for sleepy?” vigorously shakes his head “NO!” is dinking around behind the chair and the end table where he KNOWS he’s not supposed to be and usually where he ends up when he’s tired and trying to keep himself awake. I finish lotioning and go for my pudding cup, which I’ve already given Brighton one of, and commence eating it. When all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, I see a sparkle, a glimmer and then as fast as I saw it, it was gone.

I’m not sure how it happened or even what happened exactly, but all of a sudden, my rings were slipping out of Brighton’s hand and falling into the chair I am sitting in. Now, this isn’t your run of the mill recliner that you can take apart and reassemble without knowing it. Oh no. This is a Bradington Young recliner. A well-made, sturdy, TIGHT chair. I think I might be able to stick my hand down into the seat and retrieve my $XXXX set of rings…wrong. I removed the cushion, turned on all available lighting, and “jiggled” the chair because I swear I heard it “cling” around in the bottom against the springs. EUREKA! I found my diamond! Unfortunately, however, I can not find my wedding band. In all the “excitement” I don’t recall if he tossed it overboard with my diamond or if he lurched it over his head when I sternly told him to “GET OUT OF BEHIND THAT CHAIR! NOOOOW!!” After he dropped my diamond into the chair. At which, he responded by wailing…I don’t blame him. I’ve never EVER used that tone of voice with him before and I’m sure it scared him…

So tonight, I managed to make my son cry, lose my blessed wedding band (we do have insurance…but still…), feel like a complete jerk, and discover that no matter how angry or frustrated I am, I can recoil and rise above that frustration and anger when it really matters. And, of course, his unyielding cuteivity got to me when I said to him “where’s mommy’s ring?” and he just looked at me, eyebrows arched and threw his hands up as if to say “I don’t know! It’s the darnedest thing!!”

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