Night Terrors

Terrorizing for mommy & daddy for sure. Bright woke up Saturday night (Sunday morning actually – about 3:00 AM) with a high fever (almost 102) and shaking and jerking (like an exaggerated startle reflex) and crying uncontrollably. WELCOME HOME DADDY! We administered Tylenol and laid him in our bed. Mom went out to lay on the couch (because there was no room for her at the inn) and about 1.5 hours later, he woke again. When I got in there, Dad was trying to console him while Bright was having the same reaction. So we got on the horn and called the doctor, terrified that he was having a seizure. We ruled out a seizure but couldn’t figure out just what it was. It was almost like he was having a nightmare and woke up thinking he was still in the nightmare. Night Terrors I guess are caused by being over tired, and I suppose the combination of being overtired (which he definitely was), having Daddy gone for a week, and having a high fever certainly would explain it. I took Brighton to the doctor today (during his nap time of course so again, he’s OVERTIRED-ironic huh?) and other than a little bit of a red throat and a hyperactive tummy (he’s not been eating either) he seemed OK. But if he spikes a fever tonight, she’s going to want to do blood tests.

Needless to say, Mom is really very scared and hopes he gets a tell-tale lacy red rash about his face and trunk which will signify Roseola and set all of our minds at ease. He is sleeping right now, and I’ve been checking on him about every 15 – 20 minutes. This mother business isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You do everything you can think of to try to keep your kids healthy and WHAMMO! I have purelled till the cows came home, washed hands until they’ve bled, tried to keep my son from touching grocery carts and other public entities, but I take my kid to the play yard at Lindale mall once, and BAM! Sicko. Can’t I just keep him in a bubble? My heart can’t take all this anxiety…


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