UPDATE All is (Kindof) Well

So far anyway. Brighton woke up this morning about 3:00 crying. I rocked him for a little bit then laid him back down in his bed. Then he woke up again about 4:30. I went to his room, gave him some tylenol and brought him to bed with us. He didn’t fall right to sleep, but finally about 5:30 or just shortly after daddy went to work, we “nugglebugged” and he fell asleep. We slept until almost 9:00. We were tired.

Quick update, Bright is doing OK, though his gums are still swollen and he has several new blisters. Two more outside his mouth (total of 4) and at least one inside his lip, but none on the roof of his mouth or his hands or feet. He doesn’t have a fever, but we’re keeping him home from daycare again tomorrow incase the fever blisters or whatever they are are contagious. He will drink, which is a good sign, but he isn’t keen on eating a whole lot. So when I called the doctor’s office today, the other doctor told me to give him cool smoothe things and not worry about veggies and fruits for the time being. Just give him milk or water to drink and pudding, yogurt, popcicles, ICE CREAM etc. Great. Then he won’t eat anything else!!! Well, I better go, I have an eye appointmet at 1:15 and Bright is still sleeping.


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