You get the idea. Brighton got this football from the “One Spot” at Target the other day and he hasn’t let it out of his sight. He usually sleeps with a teddy bear or a puppy, but nowadays, he is choosing his “BALL!” And that’s his catch phrase nowadays too. Everywhere we go, he sees “BALL!” Billboards, books, the ground. Anything round in shape is a “BALL!” I need to get him a bathtub basketball hoop. That would REALLY make him happy.

Suppose we have an all-star on our hands?

I’m starting to think that maybe Brighton has Mom all figured out. Daddy can spend all day with the little man and have little or no issues. When it’s time for bed, Dad can jsut take him into his bedroom, lay him down, walk out and that’s that. Mom has to rock, and nurse, rock and nurse until he’s finally half asleep and will lay down in his bed. Is this my fault? Am I making him co-dependant on me? Or am I just a big pushover doormat mommy? Again, I swore I would never ever do that, and here I am, losing my battle of wits with a 21 month old.

Aside from being crabby because he doesn’t feel well, Dad can feed him, put him to bed, work from home. Etc etc. Mom on the other hand didn’t get breakfast until about 9:00 (we woke up about 7:45) because Mr. had to have “milkies” and while mom was putting dishes into the dishwasher, had a meltdown for some odd reason (I think because he dropped his fork that he was putting into the dishwasher basket) then mom fed him breakfast, which he proceeded to spill all over his tray. Mom finally got a break, he went off to play. I downed my now cold muffin and attempted to drink my espresso and back he came wanting up on my lap again. I suppose part of it is because he’s just not feeling well and Mom is always the one to comfort and though Daddy comforts too, he’s more fun. I can take that I guess. I’d just like to eat a warm meal once in a while, ya know?

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