Embrace The Peanut Butter…

Anyone with kids knows that smell. Nutty, a little bit sweet, most pets love it, birds devour it and birders certainly appreciate it as it makes a very handy glue for birdseed and pine cones. It’s sometimes sickening depending on whether or not you’re pregnant, you’ve been drinking or you have a toddler which for some reason makes the smell of peanut butter repulsive after a while.

We were sitting on the couch enjoying a cup of Zen Green Tea listening to IPR’s Java Blend on the radio. Brighton wanted a snack, and so did mom. So mom decided to get out that easy, quick and hits-the-spot-snack reminscent of her childhood. Soda crackers with peanut butter. I see nothing wrong with taking the tube of crackers, the container of peanut butter, a plate and a small cake spreader with me to the living room and eating it while flipping through People magazine and listening to the radio. Until Brighton decides he HAS to hold the peanut buttered cracker. Ok…I can handle that. I put barely enough to be detectable by bloodhounds on the cracker, but he’s no dummy. He looks at me as if to say “Do I look stupid to you?” So I take the cracker, smear another thin layer of peanut butter on it and put a clean soda cracker on top so as to make a peanut butter soda cracker sandwich. Ha. Score one for mom. Until he twists them apart like an oreo cookie and licks the barely there layer of peanut butter off. HE takes a bite, and gives me the cracker to put more on. So I add a dollop of peanut butter to his now mushy soda cracker. He licks that off. Again, holds the cracker out to me, I dollop it, he licks it. This goes on until he’s no longer able to “lick” the peanut butter off the soda cracker without the soggy cracker coming with it. The he helps himself to a clean soda cracker to start all over again. At this point I notice he has peanut butter all over his face and hands. My first instinct is to call Feebee over to lick the peanut butter off of his hands (I know, you were thinking that I would wipe it off with the wet wipes that are in every room in our house weren’t you?) but she is no where to be found. So because I am trying to not be so “phycho” and frantic I decide to embrace the peanut butter knowing that our couch will eventually see much worse things than peanut butter some day.

And it probably helped that he pointed to a picture of Jennifer Aniston and said “Mom?”


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