Now I’ve Seen it All

So this is the first night in about 4 weeks that Brighton hasn’t woken up at 2:30 AM and of course, I wake up promptly at 3 thinking something is wrong. So I go in and check on him and he’s just fine – sleeping soundly. I recover him with his blanket and head back to bed. Where I lay for about an hour and a half stirring unable to fall back asleep…of course.

So I do the only thing I know to do at three AM, I hop online. I check my email, balance our checkbook (maybe not the greatest thing to get me back to sleep…), check out the IaGS stuff. I finally check out my mamasource page that I haven’t checked in weeks and someone was asking for a recipe for lip balm. Being a self proclaimed lip balm addict, (there’s even a 12-step for it on this website!) of course this enticed me. That and the fact that I’ve been out of my blistex lip medex for a while now, unable to find it, and my lips have never forgiven me – and I believe my CHI is out of balance because of it too… Anyway, I google “lip balm recipes” and I found this. I don’t know if I’ll be brave enough to try it or not, especially with the whole “bird flu” epidemic creeping this way.

Chicken Poop
You can purchase t-shirts, hats, chicken poop suspended in glycerin soap, a kitchy little display box shaped like a chicken for your chicken poop. They also carry an anti-funkifier spray and a good gravey lotion puck. nifty. If for nothing other than pure entertainment value, check out their boutique. Oh yeah, and you can buy chicken poop at walgreens! HA! Though I doubt you’ll find it in Iowa…People might take it too literal and freak out.

So, Now I’ve seen everything. Make sure you read the Legend of The Poop…
You can purchase it in single tubes or in a multi pack. Who knew?!

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