Sleep Battles

I don’t mean for all of my posts lately to be a bummer…but all of a sudden, our routine is messed up, Brighton is challenging us, our nice, quiet, peaceful house is turned upside down by illness, weather and changing plans.

We’re finding out just how difficult parenting is. Not only do you have to provide love, nourishment, worry, shelter, patience, you also have to learn to be smarter than a toddler, which isn’t proving very easy for us. Andrew and I are both very stubborn people. Though Andrew has patience, I do not. I have more patience for my son than I have for most people…OK for pretty much anyone else on the planet. And learning patience takes…well…patience. And a level head, which I don’t have half the time either. Most especially at midnight when I’m tired and I’m trying to convince a 21 month old that he is tired too.
Lastnight had to be by far one of the worst nights yet. Brighton wouldn’t nap all day long (except for in the car and at Wal-Mart) then when he finally went down for a nap at home it wasn’t until 4:00!! Of course, he slept until 7 PM and we were finally able to eat supper. At about 9:15ish, it was time for bed. At least it was for Mom and Dad. Brighton decided he didn’t need to go to bed. So being the big stupid that I am, I decided to let him lay in bed with me and nurse to sleep because I knew he was tired. Where of course, he promptly began nursing and started falling asleep. Then about 10:30 as if a lightning bolt him him in the rear, he was wide awake. He looked at me and gave me the sign for “food”. “Are you hungry?” His eyes big, he shook his head “YES.” So I went out and got him some crackers and peanut butter and we munched until it was time to go sleepy again. By now it was almost 11:00. We laid down and he farted around and farted around until mom had enough. Dad’s dad starts at 5:00 AM or earlier, and so it’s imperative for Dad to get his sleep. At about 11:30 I finally put Brighton in his bed. He fought and fought until about 1:30 and mom gave up. Then he was awake again at 3 and 5:30. It felt like it lasted for days. And as the sky grows darker at night, mom gets more and more frustrated and grumpy and dare I say, impatient?
We woke up at about 9:30, to him crying of course, and had breakfast. I attempted to get back to our routines. I finally got him down for a nap at around 12:30 this afternoon, which is almost normal – he’s switching from 2 naps to one long nap. The telephone company came and fixed our phone and of course knocked on the door (to see if it was working) which made the dogs bark which woke him up again. Another reason for me to HATE the telephone company here in mickeyville. I’ve just spent the last 1/2 hour rocking, nursing, consoling and trying to convince my 21 month old son that he needs his rest. As I type he’s screaming in his room because I left.
So who is the adult here? Who should know best? Who has no problem convincing dogs that they indeed need their toenails clipped against their thrashing and protesting? Yeah, that’s right. I can convince a dog to clip his nails and I can convince a cat that she needs a bath, but I can’t convince a rational (OK that’s pushing it I suppose), intelligent, toddler that he needs to rest. Score 1 for toddler, and 0 for mom.


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