Bikes and Dentists and Kisses, OH MY!

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Sorry about that. We’ve been REALLY busy around here and this literally is the first time I’m able to stop and take a breath and blog. Lots of new things to share, so hop on board and get ready for a wild blog. Well, a long blog anyway…
So first, Brighton, Daddy and I decided that we needed a hobby for us to do as a family. We are trying to get more exercise in, trying to spend more quality time as a family and trying to get out of the rut we’ve become so comfortable in. Not to mention, we want a healthy “hobby” for lack of a better word, for Brighton to remember doing with his mom and dad. So a couple of weeks ago, we all went out and got bikes. Well, Brighton got a trailer, but it’s pulled behind the bikes. Bright would much rather have a bicycle, but his little legs can’t reach the pedals to drive it yet, so we opted for a much more expensive Burley Encore trailer. Not the cheapest trailer, but not the most expensive either. But one of the safest, durable, and resellable. I don’t have a photo with him in it yet but will soon. We also had to purchase helmets of course, and we all look pretty silly in them. Just a little plug for a great bike shop. Locally and family owned Northtowne Fitness and Cycling. They gave us hours of their time (literally) and made sure that we got the perfect bikes for us and how we planned to ride. Dad got a Schwinn Road Bike (not sure of the model…) and I got an Electra Townie. Perfect for a retro mom who is all about comfort and glam (but not bling & flash…) and who has a little bit of, ah let’s just call it…bulk. My next purchase will be chrome fenders. HAHA! (I’m actually serious about that! I had a big stripe down my back after the first few minutes.)

We went for our first bike ride to the trail on C Street the day after we make the big plunge. It was a GLORIOUS day! The weather was PERFECT! Not too hot, not too cold, not too windy, but just enough so that we weren’t sweating like crazy, but the activity was keeping us warm. We rode from C Street Tait Cummings Park to the Library downtown. Now, keep in mind, I haven’t ridden a bike in at least 15 years, so needless to say, Dad pulled the trailer the first day and after much rocking and rolling and swerving Mom FINALLY got the hang of it again and zoomed past Dad on several occasions. We plan to do a lot more riding once the weather clears up and once Mom can get her chain back on the bike 😉

Next is Brighton’s first trip to the dentist! Yep, he’s almost two and has never been to the dentist. They tell new parents that they should go either when they get their first tooth or by 1 year. Oops. Brighton has 9 teeth now (one we discovered while at the dentist!) and had a little bit of tartar, but according to everything Dr. Balster told me to do, I am doing everything properly so far. Limit juice, especially at night (brighton doesn’t drink juice), if he walks around with a sippy, make sure it’s full of water. He gets a sippy at night, but it’s just water. We *try* to brush his teeth at least twice a day but we need to get better at that. We at least brush them in the morning (it’s that darn night time brushing! Sorry Dr. Balster!) We’re getting better though. Anyway, Brighton did great and the office was very family and kid friendly. Not a lot of junk sitting around, it was a nice open waiting area and the staff and Dr. B were very friendly and nice and accommodating. Kudos!

I can’t forget his favorite toy! TOOT TOOTS! He LOVES trains! His Grandpa Reilly would be so proud. Everywhere he goes it’s “toot toot!” We have been buying him the Thomas the Tank Engine wooden railway trains and he loves them. He desperately needs a table. Or even just a table and chair set. He has no where but the kitchen floor, living room floor and arm of the rocker to “roll” them. We’re going out again today to see if we can’t find something temporary until Dad can get one made…

And the best way to end this post is with a kiss! Brighton is into giving big lip puckering kisses. It’s VERY cute. He had Roxanne and Anita rolling yesterday afternoon when I picked him up from Daycare. Ahhh…my little prince!

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