A Use for Lady Beetles

Tis the season for the ladybeetle invasion. In my new quest to become more cogniscent of how I treat others by learning the way of Zen Buddhism (No, I’m not becoming a Buddhist) the image of a white muslin draped monk who gently scoops up a spider from his meditation mat and moves it outside where it belongs. I see these little lady beetles, and immediately I have the impulse to suck them up in the vaccuum, but the monk comes to mind, and I grit my teeth. But today, I noticed something rather odd. I was able to eat my breakfast, drink my coffee and watch an interview of Hillary Clinton on ABC in Des Moines with Robin Roberts…that’s strange…no little snotty boy climbing on my lap, no watery eyes from a wooden “toot toot” smacking me straight in the nose, no “mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom …” (you get the idea). An actual 15 minutes of peace and quiet. Then I saw it. Brighton playing on the floor following a lady beetle around with his index finger as if nudging the little thing along. Could it be that last year’s flight of the ladybug suckerupper has turned into this year’s “baby whisperer?” We’ll see.

Until Next Time. Caio!


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Nana on March 26, 2007 at 2:40 PM

    I was SO afraid you were going to say that Brighton was eating the bug!


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