Easter Greetings

OK, so it’s the day after Easter, and I haven’t blogged in quite some time. We’ve been busy and I’ve decided to try to not spend so much time on the computer – something I didn’t abide by this morning for sure. Anyway, we went to Indiana last weekend for the Indiana Gourd Show. We had a lot of fun, and mom spent too much, but it definitely sparked mom’s creative bean. And I needed it. We spent one and a half days in Indiana and the last day in Ikea. Yes, almost ALL day! Ok, 4 hours or so. But still! We got there in time to have a $.99 breakfast (which somehow ended up costing $8 by the time we were all said and done) and then scoured the top floor for ideas and good stuff, then went back for lunch and then finished shopping downstairs. I love Ikea. I mean, I LOVE Ikea. If there was an Ikea closer than 4 hours to home, I’d be there weekly for sure. Anyway, we had a good time. So basically, we had a trip to Indiana with an Ikea chaser…HAHA.

Easter holiday really snuck up on us this year! I didn’t even get a ham! But Andrew and I decided to spend the entire day at home, which Brighton loved. He needed a day with mom and dad. So after a long night Saturday night, we woke up to the Easter Bunny’s very generous basket of goodies! Brighton had a basketball hoop and ball, several tubs of play-doh, a car, a bendy bunny, lots of chocolate, eggs filled with coins, colored easter eggs, and 6 whole chocolate peanut butter easter eggs. YUM!
Brighton spent most of the day helping mom and dad. Dad was finishing off the plans for a house, Mom worked on Brighton’s piggy bank (that was started before he was born…) so that he had somewhere to put his coins, and Brighton ate reeces peanut butter eggs and played with his new basketball hoop and play-doh most of the day between helping us. Ok, mom and dad did most of the eating of peanut butter eggs, but he did have one…and a half. Because mom didn’t get out to get a ham and all the trimmings (and didn’t think of it until Saturday Night,) Dad cooked us chicken grillers from Fareway on the Weber, sweet potatoes and corn. YUM!

After all the fun, Brighton took a bath before sleepy time. Mom gave him a little bit of a hair cut because Dad was complaining that Bright’s hair was getting too long. So I just cut his bangs and around his ears, which resulted in a baby mullet.
Sorry this post is so “discombobulated” (is that a real word?) I’m trying to get it all out!! We’ve had a lot going on!

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