Today Brighton and I took the plunge and bought a big boy potty. After waking at 5 AM heading to the airport at 6:00, going to Panera’s for breakfast, stopping off at the mall to play on the “toot toot” merry-go-round, stopping (of course) at Starbucks, wasting 1 hour at Wal-mart only to get so frustrated with the constantly changing layout and the ever so not helpful staff I left my full cart in the middle of the pharmacy (yes I did. I was trying to find the ever elusive Hylands Teething Tablets & Hylands Teething Gel,) stopping off at Target to actually purchase items (they have Hylands Teething tablets – always in the same place in the pharmacy), eating lunch, FINALLY we made it home. My babe was SO exhausted. Mom was SO exhausted. We both laid down and took a nap. Mine for an hour, his for three.

Anyway, about the poop. No, he didn’t actually poop on his new potty, but he LOVES to sit on it and exclaim “poop.” then giggle. The last time, he said “mom poop!” so I crawled up on our big person potty and sat there waiting for him to go but he didn’t. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall then. Brighton on his little person potty, mom on her big person potty, both of us talking “poop.” Ha! AH well, maybe we’ll try again tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s a picture of him on his new potty. He’s just out of the bathtub, but to curb all perverts and uncomfortableness, I attempted to cover his privates with a wash cloth. This was the 4th or 5th picture because he thought that, too, was hilarious.


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