The Old Days

So in the old days, I’d have at least one day where I could sleep until 10, wake up, have a cup of coffee and a piece of toast…by myself in peace. Thanks to Dad being home today and a long night of insomnia lastnight, I was able to do that this morning! Well, mostly anyway.

We put Brighton to bed lastnight around 9:30ish and shortly thereafter went to bed ourselves. Before long, I hear whimpers and grunts from the monitor in Brighton’s room. So I go in to check, and he had flipped himself totally around to the opposite side of his bed. I picked him up thinking I’d just put him back to the right side (like a turtle) and go back to bed. He was roasting~it was pretty warm in his room lastnight but I didn’t think it was THAT warm…but apparently I was wrong. So I brought him in our bed where for most of the night I didn’t get much sleep except between the hours of 10:30 PM and 1 AM. I woke up, laid there with my eyes 1/2 open and finally around 2 I took the fan into Brighton’s room, took him back and went back to bed where I still laid there until around 3 AM until I got a nose bleed. At 4:30 AM after downloading some new podcasts & tempering off my nosebleed (I’d hoped) I decided I was tired and went to bed. Ahhhh blissful sleep.

Somewhere between blissfull sleep and the following anecdote, I went back into Bright’s bedroom for some reason…

I slept until about 7 when I felt some little boy who shall remain nameless lifting up my eyelid and about 2 inches from my face exclaiming “HYYEE!” This went on for a while until Dad decided it was time for himself to wake up and let mommy sleep. So after several attempts of trying to wake mommy up, Bright gave in and went with Dad, who cleaverly (finally) shut the door! When I finally woke up, Andrew told me that he told Brighton that he should go to sleep since Mommy is still sleeping (he usually takes a morning nap when at home) Which led me here. Ahhhh blissfull sleep. Quiet (mostly) morning…Beautiful sunshine. (Wierd dreams – for a later installment) It’s going to be a good day.


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