3/4 Great Day!

Ok, so 3/4 is better than nothing right? Brighton and I woke up late this morning, which was nice for a change. We had some breakfast, then went for a bike ride. We doddled over to the bank, went through the drive through on the bike (which I love to do just because it seems so silly…) then we went to check the mail – junk – then we went to pay for the pavillion for his birthday party on the 3rd of June. Finally, we made it over to the park where Brighton swung, went on the merry-go-round thing and got really dizzy, and finally up the ladder and down the slide. That was the funniest. This is older equipment in a sand pit (yuk) and the slide he went down gave him a bit of a boost at the end so he shot off the end and “plop!” right on his bum in the soft sand. He thought that was pretty darned funny and we both laughed every time he landed.

On our way home, I noticed that the same train was sitting outside of Casey’s that was there an hour before when we started. So I decided to keep driving and pick up some water and a snack and we could talk to the engineer if he was still there or just watch the train. Alas, he wasn’t there but we sat behind Casey’s in the large lot, Bright ate his nutrigrain bar, I my granola and we shared a gatorade and watched the train as it started up and went on it’s way. As we were watching, the engineer looked out the window and saw us. I told Bright to wave and so he did and the engineer waved back. Brighton was totally star struck. Then out of no where, the engineer dug into this carharts and pulled something out and tossed it into the grass for Brighton. We ran to pick it up, I had envisioned a train whistle or something but it was a big roll of smartie candies. Which was still very very sweet. So all afternoon, Bright carried around his roll of Smarties saying “toot toot!” “toot toot!” It just melted my heart. It was so kind of him to do that – even to just wave and toot the horn would have made Brighton’s day for sure. I kept telling Brighton that his Great Grandpa Reilly drove a train like that! He liked that idea “papa?” “Yep. Great papa!”

Finally we met Winton, a long faced, sweet natured golden retriever. A very nice man (a self proclaimed train junkie from Iowa City) stopped in McVille for gas and asked if Brighton would like to meet Winton. “Of course he would!” So we ended our bike ride with the toot toot and the sweet faced Winton. Not a bad morning! Finally Bright and his “toot toot” blanket nodded off for the next three hours.

The last 1/4 of my day wasn’t horrible, but I’m waiting to see what tomorrow brings. Starbucks is getting very trying these days. We’re switching management which is OK but my schedule (along with three others that I know of) is all messed up and I am working days that I am working at the clinic. I’m hoping that I can work it out but I’m not sure that I can. It’s not a “fun job” right now, so we’ll see what the future holds and if things get straightened out. Not to mention, I had a pregnant woman (8 mos) about drop to her knees with either really bad braxton hicks contractions or low blood sugar and had to force her to sit and not move until I could reach her husband who was downstairs at the mall working. Ugh. What a night. I sure hope she and hte baby are OK though. I was pretty scared for a little while and went into immediate mommy mode. “SIT STAY DON’T MOVE UNTIL I GET BACK!” Or is that Groomer mode? Not sure…


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