I know that’s not a real word, but these aren’t all random thoughts or random photos or random any kind of category…they’re all just random.
There is seemingly no end to the amount of change you have when your toddler has a piggy bank. You find it everywhere all the time – especially when you need a good bribe.
The dog makes a great cleanup crew…so long as you’re not feeding her raisins because then your problem is two fold…
Todlers d
hate when you try to do anything on the computer without them…as you can see by the random jibbits in the sentence. And they find mice (computer mice) fascinating
Little baby birds remind moms of how fragile life is, and how fierce moms can get…
How is it that a kid can ride in a trailer behind a bike and still become so exhausted that they can’t stay awake, but they’re not doing any of the work?
Yellow pencils make great self-tickle sticks for a 2 year old
When does it click that the thing on the door can make it open up? All of a sudden, he has learned to open the door and let himself out to play with his “ball”
Why do cats who really don’t want to be outside dart outside every chance they get then scream (literally) to come back in?
Why do I feel a connection with matthew mcconnaughey just because he’s holding a shekere made from a gourd? I feel like I could just walk up to him and start a conversation…weird.

Why does a 50 mph wind in the country stress me so?


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