Rough Start

I’m sitting here reading some of my friend’s blogs when honestly, I should be napping. Iw as up all night stressing about my schedule next week and how the heck I’m going to do it. So I got around about 5 hours of sleep. Bright is napping and so I thought I’d try something. Seeing pictures of Amelia, I wanted to be reminded of Brighton at that age. In this photo he’s a little younger than Mia but darn is he cute?

Bright and I had an interesting morning. We ended up having to take a stray cat to a vet in Clarence to have it euthanized. The cat had gotten in with Sebastian, our outside dog, and she shook it, first breaking it’s back (I could tell because it wasn’t moving it’s back legs) and then tried again until I separated her. In the meantime while I’m trying to get the poor beast out of the kennel with Sebastian, I hear the door open and out walks mister smartypants. I abandon this poor hurting animal to take my son back inside where I know he is safe. Finally I can get the cat covered and put into a kennel. At this point, the cat is still alive but barely. I put the kennel in the car, get Brighton and load him up, put a bra on myself lest I trip, and off we go to Clarence. Fortunately (or unfortunately – however you want to see it) the cat had expired on the way. I felt really bad. I was hoping that at least the cat could pass without pain, but time did not allow that. But the cat went quickly, thankfully, and finally without fear (safe in a kennel not in Sebastian’s kennel). I took the cat to Pet Memories, where we send animals from the clinic to be buried or cremated then we came home and promptly changed our clothes and cleaned up before Bright ate lunch and finally laid down for a nap. We got home just shy of noon. No matter how far removed you are from an animal, you still feel a little twinge when something like that happens. I suppose I’m a little more hardened to it just because of the nature of my job and my environment, but it still sucks.

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