No Beans for You!

When did my boy become a boy? Well, I know he IS a boy, but he’s been a baby. Not a little boy. I had a “moment” today as I was doing some work for the IaGS. I have spent the last 2.5 hours on the computer and the phone and my little boy has been so so patient. Playing with his new toot toots and watching PBS. Well, I am just starting to wrap up my last phone call, and he’s laying on the ground in the sunroom fiddling with his nose. Something he doesn’t do. So I look thinking there’s a boogie in it that is making him itch. So I close my call and look in his nose. I see nothing but what looks like a boogie stuck WAY back up his nose. I try to get it out with my boogerpicker. Nope, nothing. So I switch sides, sit him up and sticking out his nose is a rock. A ROCK!? What would posess a 2 year old to stick a rock up his nose? A ROCK!? I got it out, only minor minor bleeding and he’s fine. But it leaves me wondering if there’s something else up there or what he will stick up his nose next…And that I need to spend my precious little free time with my son, not on the phone and the computer…

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  1. Posted by joseysmom on June 5, 2007 at 7:10 PM

    I soooo dread the day that Josey puts something up her nose! Glad you were able to get it out with minimal trauma! Take care!


  2. Posted by 1BrightMama on June 10, 2007 at 7:20 AM

    PS. I thought I’d add a little story one of Andrew’s co-workers and Brighton Fan’s said about this blog. She told the story of her two sons, one that stuck a bean up the other one’s nose-unbenounced to mom and dad. He got so stinky that they couldn’t hardly ride in the car with him. Until one day, the bean sprouted…


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