Pool Closed

Another disappointing morning this morning. We get up, get all ready to go to the pool. My intention was to go early so that we could beat the crowd and somewhat beat the extreme heat. Now keep in mind, I’ve not been to a public pool in quite some time. Probably since I was a kid myself. So I have little experience with aquatic parks…

I have it all planned out. We’ll go in the morning and beat the heat/crowd, then we’ll get home around noon when Bright can take a nap or eat lunch or both, then we’ll leave around 2:00 to be at his doctor appointment at 2:45 then off to meet dad and to work I go. Sounds like a great plan right?

We get our suits on, pack the beach bag with towels and such, get in the car and off we go. I first hit Dollar General to get some arm floaties and a tube and some sunscreen. We pick up all those things (and then some), and off we go. I get to the waterpark, armed with floaties, noodles, sunscreen, an innertube, and walk proudly up to the front desk where I’m greeted by a woman who looks at me like I’m a wee bit crazy.

“Do you have an outdoor pool or is it just indoors?”

“It’s only 10:00, the outdoor pool doesn’t open until 12.”

“Ok” So what’s the problem? I think to myself as I reach in my purse to get my wallet.

“There’s swimming classes right now. Neither pool opens up for ‘free swim’ until noon.”

“oh.” I play if off as best I could. I was angry at myself for not calling ahead (like that little glimmer in the back of my head TOLD me to do) so I asked if they had a flyer on swimming lessons for toddlers and left.

Doesn’t it figure. Another romantic “orchard view” kind of day.

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