Play Date

I’m still a bit tired from our play date today with Andrea and Ava, so this blog entry might not be quite as fluid as they usually are…see, I’m using the word fluid like it’s an adjective…anyway…on with the story.

Andrew and I met Andrea and Matt in our lamaze class in 2005. We really hit it off, moreso than we did with any other moms and dads there. It seemed that Andrea and I especially had a lot in common and so we were automatically “drawn” for lack of a better word, together. We’ve kept in touch ever since. Some months better than others but two years later, here we are! We decided to get together a week or so ago at the mall. Partly for a play date and partly so I could order some scrapbooking stuff from a party that Andrea was having. I called Andrea Sunday (I think) to see if she and Ava wanted to meet us at the pool today. Andrea came up with a better plan. She suggested we meet at her house and have a “pool party.” That was a FANTASTIC idea! So that’s what we did.

The kids played so so well together! I have a load of photos and video that it took me the majority of 15 minutes to figure out which ones I wanted to feature on the blog. It went from typical 2year old apprehension and timidness to quickly dumping water on each other and splashing. OK Brighton was the dumper and Ava the dumpee but still, they had fun.

It’s so interesting seeing other kids and how they’re developing in comparison to Brighton. Bright has always been an observer, so it seems that he’s just a wee bit behind other kids. But he’s really not. Though Ava has quite the vocabulary and is very articulate, she and Brighton seemed to communicate very well! She has the sweetest voice and the cutest way to say things. Some words she says backwards, like instead of “birdfeeder” she said “feederbird” which was as cute as can be. And when Andrea ran inside to get her a snack or a drink, Ava would respond to Andrea’s question “do you want to come with me?” with a “Don’t move!” in other words, “No mom! I’ll stay right here and I won’t move!” HAHA It was so darned cute!
Ava told us about her neighbor’s dog, Midnight, who came to visit for just a minute. Just long enough to help clean up the grapes that had fallen. She taught us about sharing, by sharing her yellow pitcher and her golf clubs and her other fun toys. She taught Brighton how to “puddle” and then jump into the puddle. They both though it was amazing that their diapers dripped when they stood up after being in the water. They had snacktime where Ava shared her nutrigrain bar and Brighton shared his goldfish crackers.

Naturally, both kids were more than ready for bed by the time it was all said and done. Ava and Andrea walked us out to the car and no sooner did Andrea pick Ava up than her head was too heavy to hold and she rested it on Andrea’s shoulder. It took Brighton all of about 20 mintues to fall asleep in the car. He slept until we got home and then for about another hour and a half. But he was ready for “night night” at 8:30, so it worked out great!

Well, tomorrow is another day. I’ll be at work trying to get home in time to pick up Andrew at the airport (though he won’t know that until he reads this blog I guess). It sure would be fun if Andrea and I were both pregnant with our #2 at the same time…I guess if it’s in the cards, it’s in the cards. But it still would be fun!

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