A New Vocabulary

So, it’s July Fourth and instead of doing what I need to do (finishing my pigs for the market) I instead decide to blog since now thanks to Tom and Sally we have wireless internet (they gave us their old router-thanks!!). It’s so much more fun. I’ve worked on these pigs for the last three days and I feel like I’m just inching along in progress. Anyway…back to the blog.

Brighton is in the midst of the “terrible twos.” His favorite new expression is “Naooo” Which is NO but it sounds like Naooo! “are you ready for a nap?” “Naoooo..” “It’s time for sleepy” “Naooo!” And so many other things. “Give me those scissors!” “NAOO!” Ok, he doesn’t get scissors but you get the point. He’s also learning new words every single day. Every day we hear something new. Today it was “Hurt.” He has a bug bite in the crease of his arm that he’s scratched raw. So he came up to me and said “Hurt.” The phrase before that was “I want it” which comes out as “I wantnehh” or “I wantnehh naaowww” Wonder who he get’s THAT from? My favorite of course is “mama’s baby.”

Tonight is our annual Fourth of July gathering so if I want to get anything done for that I need to get my butt off this computer. Dad’s home from looking at his new car, so maybe he’ll blog a bit about Brighton’s new found vocabulary.


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