A Long Couple of Weeks

I haven’t blogged for quite some time now. Sorry about that! It’s been a really crazy and difficult couple of weeks. Here’s a quick lowdown on the goings ons… Brighton is really hitting his terrible twos, we put our dog Boomer to sleep a week ago Monday, Andrew got a new car, I got a new computer, storms to beat the band, generally just busy busy busy. I’m really tired right now so I’m sure I’m missing something.

Brighton’s new favorite word is “no.” I know, every kid goes through it. But he’s REALLY asserting his independance. He’s also into throwing things. He loves baseballs, basket balls, feebee balls (tennis balls) anything that resembles a ball or that is small enough to fit in his hand he throws. So yesterday he took his metal John Deere truck and threw it at me…three times. I told him the last tme that if he threw it at me again I was going to put it in the garbage. He looked at me then defiantly threw back his arm and got ready for the pitch. BLAM! It hit me square in the chest. So despite his cries, I took the truck and (pretended to) pitched it into the garbage. He cried and cried! Then later I caught him pulling things out of the garbage to find it…Nice.

He also has a new friend, Vava (Ava). It’s Ava this and Ava that. It’s like he wants to tell Ava everything he does. It is the cutest sweetest thing ever. He definitely thinks about her a lot. More so than any other friends like at Daycare…at least I haven’t noticed him saying their names over and over again.

So I got this new computer. But not just any computer… I got a macbook. Not a big fancy pro or anything. Just the bottom of the line macbook (which BTW is comparible to a middle to top range PC) So far so good, but it’s a bit strange getting used to a Mac. Though it’s awfully pretty. The graphics are amazing. I just got it today so nothing I “need” is loaded on it yet, like my picasa or any of my photos. But I’ll figure that out. Or more likely, Andrew will.

I’m ashamed to say that right now as I type, I am watching “Victoria Beckham comes to America”…OMG are you serious? I’m even more ashamed to admit that I kind of am enjoying it. She is a beautiful woman but she is ALWAYS posing. Always having her lips pursed, her head positioned just so. It’s amazing. Right now she is in the home of an L.A. Socialite with other rich, blonde, hairsprayed, lipsticked, botoxed, vaneered women. I liked Victoria better than any of the rest!! Yikes.

Well, i’ll leave you with this photo of Brighton Andrew and I from my new computer.


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