Dodging Bird Poop, Playing on The Mac gimmeanapple.

OK for some reason I can’t see any photos that I’ve uploaded, all i can see is the html (which is very ugly by the way) so I hope these pictures and this blog look OK…Day one, with my new mac. I love it. I’m still figuring it out, but asthetically it’s beautiful, functionally it’s a lot easier than a PC. Despite that it takes me a while to navigate becuase I’m used to searching and trying to find things in obscure places. What that means is that instead of my files being hidden in remote cavities of my hard drive, they’re usually right in front of me. I guess taht’s why people love the mac. It’s simple, straight forward, no fuss no muss, jsut pure creative beauty.
I’m sitting outside on our front deck by the water garden and the birdfeeders (thus the title). So if a bird is brave enough to grab a bite to eat while I’m sitting here, I’m trying to avoid being plopped on. I can see it now. Wonder if the warranty covers bird poo?
And as you can probably also see, I’m getting used to playing with the camera atop the screen. I thought it was pretty silly and thought I’d never use it…well…other than that when the laptop is on my lap, it’s at a horrible angle that makes my face look a big like jabba the hut. But other than that…
I’m learning and really enjoying the freedom this lap top will offer me. You all know how I hate being confined…


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