We’re Going Fruit Loopy

So Brighton is asserting his control over the people by only eating what he wants to eat. I spoke to my friend Jennifer about this and this was her conclusion. He doesn’t have a lot of control (or so he thinks) over much of what happens in his life, but he can control what he eats, and right now all he wants is fruit loops… He refuses most things these days including but not limited to: meat, vegetables (except beans, carrots and potatoes), fruit (except grapes and melon) and milk. Is the fact that we’ve succumbed to his wishes and give him fruit loops for breakfast, and snacks, and supper make us bad parents? Did we feed that sweet tooth too early? WHAT DID WE DO! I made his food from whole ingredients when he was a baby, I painstakingly prepared and pureed everything from beans to cauliflour to broccoli to plums and apples and you name it I pureed it. Not a drop of sugar added. Ok, he got the occasional CONE from Dairy Queen, but he didn’t like the milk, just the cone, so we figured OK…And I DID give him chocolate here and there because any self respecting human likes good chocolate. Right? Well, we did something wrong, or it’s just the way of the beast…I just hope it ends soon before he breaks us completely.


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