Just to keep me humble

I know that the universe doesn’t like anyone to get too big in the britches but ferpetesakes, a break once in a while would be nice. I worked lastnight at starbucks, the night went really well. We closed relatively early, the night went smoothly and we only had 2 groups of customers at 2 minutes ’till 9. I got home, played on the new computer and finally went to bed around 11.

We woke up this morning with no set plans, just the way we like to start a Saturday morning. We knew that at some point I had to go to Michaels (40 % off coupon), PetSmart, and the Market for green peppers. Andrew wanted to pick up the new Harry Potter book and we needd a few grocery items. We just didn’t know exactly how the day would pan out. So about 9:00 AM after breakfast, we were on our way to CR to the market. I decided it would be nice to take Feebee since she doesn’t get go to many places (keep reading and you’ll find out why…) and now that Boomer is gone, she gets lonely at home.

We get to the market, I’m holding onto Feebee’s leash, trying to find her pinch collar (NO it’s NOT INUHUMANE!!) when my phone rings…Ring…Ring ring…Ring RING…RING RING RING!! It shouts at me. It’s Star from Starbucks. “Um, I just got here and no one is here and nothing is done and I can’t get into the back…”

Curses. I tell her calmly, “it’s OK, i’ll call over to First and Collins and see if someone can come over and open for you.” Inside I’m giving a tongue lashing to the mnager who was SUPPOSED to open…Though I know that mistakes happen, this is the second time this person hasn’t shown up when this person was supposed to. But no worries, the ASM from the other store agrees to come over and open and all is well. I tell him I’ll try to call around to see if any other shifts can cover because I’m in Civi clothes and 1/2 hour away from home and with my family.

We figure it out and We move on to the market.

With Feebee in tow, people of course stop and pet her and she goes ape sh** and everyone is either appauled or sickeningly sweet which feeds Feebee’s fire. But no matter, she settled down a bit and all was well. I found the most beautiful purple peppers for $2/box of 4 and so I grabbed them. I was done. We stopped at our Kolache people, bought a kolache for each of us and then off to my favorite wine man, Paul Tabor (tabor home winery check out http://www.taberwines.com – my favorite is the red raspberry). We bought three bottles and sampled a red raspberry and the Catawba Rose’ which of course were wonderful. Then we were off and running to the next stop, Starbucks.

We get there about 10ish and the ASM is there with Star and the new gal. Everything looks great (of course, thanks to STAR!) and so I feel comfortable leaving. We decide to hit Younkers and check out the new Evergreen Fiesta color. Cool. I go potty, and as I’m sitting there, my phone rings.

“Can you hurry up? Your son is bleeding…”

“WHAT?! What do you mean he’s bleeding?”

“He fell and hit his lip on the fountain and now his lip is bleeding…”

I finish my business, wash my hands and grab a few extra towels for the downpour of blood that I’m expecting to see when I emerge from the ladies bathroom.

“That’s it?” His lip was scraped, but not bleeding…I assume this was Andrew’s new tactic for getting me out of Von Maur.

We leave, get to the car and Andrew is about at gagging stage. “Feebee, get back your breath stinks!!” I should preface this by saying she was sitting in the front PASSENGER seat when we got there.

“what’s that on your seat? What the he&& is that smell?” I open the door and it catches me and about knocks me off my feet.

Two words. Anal Glands. “Ah cripes. Some little jerk must have scared her and she expressed them…dam it!!” Now my car wreaking of sickening sweet unnecessary scent gland, I grab the only thing I have capable of cleaning anything, Wet Ones. I blot and blot and blot. The smell goes away a little but not completely. Enough to get us across the street to Michaels.

We get to Michaels and all is well. I don’t think anything happened after taht except that I am now exhausted and ready for a nap. But I have pepper jelly to make and a dog to bathe and gourd pigs to make. Maybe I need to brew another cup of coffee instead…


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