Ok, well that might be taking it a bit far, but I’m pretty darn smart if I do say so myself. Amy and Lil’ Pete came over tonight for a little while to visit. I don’t know why it surprised me but Brighton wasn’t too keen on sharing his toys with baby Pete. We tried to explain to him that Pete wasn’t going to take the toys and they were still his but he needed to share. For example, when baby Pete (8 mos) sits on the sit-n-spin, Brighton doesn’t need to rush over as fast as he can and sit on it so that Pete can’t. Bright did sit next to baby Pete and show him his toot toots which I was amazed by…but most other things, it was “MINE!” “NO!” “NO PETE NO!” He needs a sibling.

Here’s where the genius comes in (has nothing to do with him not wanting to share his toys). Brighton naturally didn’t eat his supper and so a couple hours later he was hungry and started exclaiming “PIZZA PIZZA!” ‘Oh god here we go again…’ I think to myself. Here’s how the conversation went:

Brighton: Pizza Pizza!
Mom: We don’t have any pizza…
Brighton : *whining* I want piiizzaaaaaaa.
Mom: Honey, we don’t have pizza. Are you hungry?
Brighton: Shakes his head ‘No’ I eat.
Mom: You’re hungry? Mom has an idea…You want pizza?
Brighton: Shaking his head vigorously with a smile creeping up his face Pizza!

Mom whips out the flour tortillas, left over spaghetti sauce, and mozzarella cheese. I Fry up the tortilla, add the sauce and cheese, cut it into four triangles, and VOILA! INSTANT PIZZA PIZZA! And it tasted good too! Bright ate all but one piece. He is henceforth going to have the nickname, Pizzazilla…though it’s hard to type so you probably won’t see it here…

YAY MOM! This was such a victory for me you have no idea. It made him happy, made me happy, made us all happy. And I feel like maybe my IQ is a little higher than I’d previously thought…which probably isn’t saying much!!


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