Brighton’s First Movie Ratatoulle

Since Brighton and I haven’t really spent much quality time together lately, I decided that while Dad is out working, Brighton and I would spend some time together this week. Yesterday we had a play date with Ava and Andrea. It was just what the doctor ordered. The minute Brighton got home from gramma’s he was whiney, grumpy, clingy. I know he was tired, but wouldn’t go to bed (naturally). So finally I decided (after calling my poor godmother and making her listen to my emotional vomit and Brighton’s wailing in the background) to go to the mall to let him run off some steam. I called Andrea to just put it out there that we were going there, and so she and Ava decided to meet us. Ava was just what Brighton needed. He found his voice somewhat yesterday too. He would let out this constrained, smiling, yell and then look at me and giggle.

Today we decided that we’d go see Ratatoulle. It would be Brighton’s first movie in a theatre. I wasn’t sure how he’d react, so I bought my tickets for the “rush hour” movie ($4.25) on and off we went! We ended up going to the new Galaxy 16 theatre, which is pretty nifty. Call me crazy, but I am not sure how I feel about it exactly. It felt like we were walking into a whole new dimention! I have never experienced a movie theatre quite like it. With a menu. Like a real menu. Not great food, granted. And it’s still expensive as all get out, but still. It felt weird carrying a chicken wrap and fries into the theatre with me. I guess I didn’t need to stuff my bag full. Oh well.

Brighton did FABULOUS! I was so afraid that he would be freaking out because it was too loud or it was too dark but he didn’t. He did say “I’m done” a couple of times. But I just told him that the movie wasn’t over yet. If he was really really done we could go. He said “No” so I said “OK.” He stayed through the whole movie and even some of the credits (to which he started to dance to the music 🙂 I’m glad I turned around to get his “toot toot” blanket and his bear. He cuddled up to them the whole time. We had a great day today. I hope tomorrow is just as good or better!!


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