Not much

Dad’s been pestering me about posting a new blog. OK, I admit, I haven’t blogged about some of the most important and exciting events in our lives for quite some time. Such as, Brighton is speaking in toddler sentences, and we’re going to a little place called Hawaii for vacation in a few weeks and oh let’s see I started an online business. Oh yeah, and Brighton started preschool. You know, just the little things. So….I guess I’ll start with Brighton speaking in toddler sentences:

Brighton’s vocabulary all of a sudden has exploded. He’s using two and three word sentences – correctly. He’s started asking for things and when you confirm to him what you think he said, he says “Yeees” or “No.” Then there’s the typical, “I want it…” and “No mama.” And the new “I did it! I did it!” We also watch the movie Cars every single day. Every…Single…Day…I think he’s grown two inches since we took him to the doctor last. He has become obsessed with “berries” which is perfectly fine with us. Mostly blueberries and raspberries, which technically he’s not supposed to have too many of because of his acid reflux – which just as as side note, has improved since we stopped using flouride toothpaste. His favorite new numbers are 1 & 2. One two, two one. I could spend the whole blog telling you all the fun things he’s saying but that would be terribly boring.

Preschool: Brighton started preschool…today! Yes, he’s a little young, but the “teacher” is a friend of mine and she is fantastic. I’ve been trying to get him into her group for a while now, but where she used to work, Lil Rustlers, was so darn expensive and I couldn’t do part time, so it never worked out. But she finally went out on her own and now we’re set! He had a blast today. Miss Mary has centers that they’re required to try that include a math center, language, science, art, dramatic play, etc. He gets a report card at the end of the day telling me how many times his diaper was changed, when he napped, when and what he ate, the story they read, what he did in each center and more. He really really enjoyed it. And I was glad knowing that when I left him, he was happy and was going to have a great day. That, to a mom, is priceless.

This weekend we’re on our way to Des Moines to pick up our Niece, Cerra for family photos on Sunday. She lives in Council Bluffs, so we’re meeting her mom half way. That’s OK because we’re going down on Friday and staying the night then going to Blank Park Zoo and/or the mall on Saturday before we drive home. The last time Brighton was at a zoo, it was in San Diego, and he slept the entire time. Hopefully he’ll have more fun with his big cousin with him.

HAWAII HERE WE COME! We’re going there for my birthday. ok, not really. We’re going there ON my birthday but for Andrew’s college roommate’s wedding. I might have preferred to go to Japan, but I probably would have been more intimidated. But we might as well be going to a whole new continent!! It’s a 9 hour flight from Texas! YIKES! We’ll be flying for a while and I’m not too keen on that, so I’ll be drinking heavily.

My online business is selling gourd piggy banks. It’s called simplysilly. The website is Stop by and see us!

Well, that is all that’s going on in our lives for now. Brighton “wants toon on” so I’d better oblige. It’s a sure sign that he’s getting tired. Yep, “night night” he said. So…night night.


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