Livestrong-Peppers-Bapes & Mamey

Got your attention? Well those are the topics of the blog today. Daddy went to the Livestrong (republican) Presidential Cancer Forum today and came back with two livestrong bracelets (which we are both wearing) and a bandana (which neither of us is wearing…) I’m surprised he didn’t purchase a Livestrong Biking Shirt. But I digress. I’m waiting for him to dictate what happened there, but I can say that my favorite republican candidate, Mike Huckabee was there as well as Sam Brownbeck. The other three main republican candidates apparently didn’t think it important enough to attend. Those would be Rudy Guliani, Mitt Romney, Sen. John McCain. All three, by the way, have had cancer…tacky. Thankfully Andrew and I both like Mike Huckabee. So at least we don’t have to argue over that. I would have liked to go to the Democratic forum, but I forgot about it until Andrew reminded me today…naturally!! I’ll have to let him tell you about the forum though. But here are some photos.

Peppers: Brighton has been helping me harvest tomatoes an peppers. As you can see here, he is his daddy’s son.

Bapes, the other green fruit. Yes, Brighton loves his bapes. That would be “grapes” in grown up speak. I just thought that was so darn cute. He says so many things very clearly but tonight on our ride home from preschool, while we were riding through the park he kept going on and on and on about something and I couldn’t understand a word of it, but I have a feeling he was telling me about his day. It went something like this:

Mom: “Did you have fun at Ms. Mary’s today? Did you play with Charlie?”
Bright: “IWAS SPPEst bisstt abbblittab IWAS…IWAS…IWAS…Paaaay cheeee. Mamey Peete I was…”
Mom: “Oh wow! You had a busy day!”
Bright: “IWAS PEETE, CODOR, ppp! I was Pete. Mamey. I Was”
Mom: “Are you excited to go to Ms. Mary’s tomorrow?
Bright: “yes”
Mom Giggles
Bright: *while holding his $3.50 fruit smoothie* “I want mama’s juice” (meaning my $3.50 frozen mocha)


We’ve heard a lot about Mamey lately. It’s good that he loves his Aunt “Mamey” and his cousin “Pete.” He just saw them a couple weeks ago when we had family photos, and he’s going to see them again this weekend. We had to call “Mamey” tonight. All Brighton wanted was his Aunt Mamey.

Aunt Mamey if you’re reading this, you should be proud 🙂


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