On our way home tonight Brighton came up with another funny phrase. Of course, he was copying mom saying something she shouldn’t while driving….but that’s another story. Anyway, we were waiting to turn in solon onto Hwy 1 (which is ALWAYS nuts at that time of day) and I had an opening and the person headed north wanted to turn. So I said “Oh GAWD!” and I hear this little voice fro the back seat “OH TODD!” I about peed my pants. We did that all the way home. I also called someone a moron and he perfectly copied that too. Guess mom better watch her mouth! Especially when driving!

Here are some pics of Brighton & Daddy being silly.

And some of Feebee’s new hairdoo. Andrew hates her feet, but I know how much easier they are to clean when they’re like this. Besides, I want a poodle so she’s going to have to be my guinea pig!


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