The Definition of "insane"

Brighton just before his bike ride this morning with Dad

It is said that the defintion of insane is to do the same thing over and over again with expectation of a different result. But does that count when you’re dealing with a toddler? Tonight for the first time I actually said “No” when Andrew asked me if he should cut up some chicken for Brighton for supper. He ALWAYS takes it, then spits it out as soon as it hits his tongue. Though today I broke down and got him some “Gerber Graduates” chicken and turkey sticks…you know, those cylindrical shaped almost white dare I say vienna sausage looking nastiness soaked in water in the baby food aisle. EVeryone tells me though they look really gross, their kids love them. And he took one bite, spit it out, then cintinued to eat three more. Yuk. I felt bad even giving them to Feebee! But he liked whaddya gonna do?

Then we saw the new sensation promoted by manic mommies ( called fruitaBu smooshed fruit ( So we got a couple of boxes of those. They’re certified organic smooshed fruit (No, we don’t usually go organic, but I’ve heard great things about fruitabu). They had fruit twirls which are like fruit leather, fruit flats (I’m not sure what these are) and smooshed fruit that is well…like smooshed fruit.

So the point of this “insane” blog is that it seems like we try to give Brighton the same thing over and over again without trying new things and expecting a new result. Afterall, they always told me you have to try sometimes up to 17 times before a baby will eat a certain food. But it’s been probably more like 100+ times that we’ve tried to give him meat…and he just doesn’t like it unless it’s all processed and well, yuk. So I guess he’ll keep getting protein from cottage cheese, milk, cheese products, peanut butter and beans…What’s a mom to do?


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