Bus Buy?

I’m not sure how many times I can write about Brighton’s new words or phrases or what’s going on with him every second of the day anymore.  He doesn’t so much make huge strides like he did when he was little.  He’s a toddler now.  A little person.  A little person…oh my God, a little person!  A person that can actually hold a (for lack of a better word) conversation.  A little person with obvious compassion and tenderness.  A little person who is becoming independent and knows what he wants.  Am I getting empty nest already?  

Andrew and I had a rather heated discussion last evening regarding Brighton’s schooling.  It all started when he mentioned to me that in two years and some odd months Brighton would be getting ready for kindergarten.  How dare he!?  How dare he foil my fantasy of my little boy never growing up!  We “discussed” which school he would attend and in what school district.  Andrew keeps insisting that I can not open enroll him in Iowa City schools and that Mount Vernon isn’t a great idea either.  He thinks we should stick with, gulp, the school here in town.  It’s a good school (I guess) and test scores compare well to Mount Vernon, and it’s more “culturally diverse” which is pretty important to me.  Then the topic of home schooling came up.  I am not totally opposed to this idea!  Not in the least.  But Andrew is.  So the “conversation” continues but since I was starting to hyperventilate at the thought of my baby going to school, we had to end the discussion and finish the drive home from Dairy Queen.
Today I was happy to spend the day with my little boy.  He had his second dentist appointment (No cavities!) wherein the dentist chastised (gently) me for not using fluoride toothpaste.  And I (gently) explained to him that I wasn’t going to use it because it upset Bright’s tummy.  He threatened to give him a fluoride treatment if needed and I (in my head) was going to tell him that he was not going to give my son a fluoride treatment.  
Next we made our way to Perkins for breakfast.  We never ever eat at perkins.  They give you TOO much food and charge you too much for it.  But sometimes you just get hungry for it I guess.  Brighton happily shared my pancakes and sausage and hash browns while he colored on his menu.  We ran a few errands and then were on our way home.  
Later tonight we made chocolate chip cookies, danced the waltz, cha cha and two step, and drew many many “two planes.”  I love that I can hold him in my arms and waltz.  I love that he has to stand on a chair to help me make cookies.  I love that for some reason, he’s obsessed with “Best Buy” which sounds like “Bus Bye.”  
I have a few more years before I have to watch him walk all by himself into those big doors.  I think we’ll be doing a few more waltzes.

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