WANTED: Have you seen this boy?

Have you seen this boy?

Two year old boy, brown hair, hazel eyes – very shifty.  Approximately 3 feet tall, weighs approximately 25 pounds.
Wanted for serial cookie, cracker and chip pecking.  That is, taking one bite of a cookie, cracker, chip and putting the rest back.  
His profile also includes licking doritoes, pringles, suckers, and jalapeno jelly (mild).  
Especially vulnerable are Grandmas with open cookie jars, Nanas with open bags of chips and Moms with cream cheese, jalapeno jelly and crackers.  If you are any of these people, please use extreme caution when in the presence of these items.  Can be extremely messy.
If you see him, please hide, disguise, or otherwise get rid of potentially tempting foods.
Happy Friday!

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