Sweet Like Sugar

I quite possibly have THE sweetest boy ever.   He’s become very protective of me and my “stuff.”  Dad hasn’t been feeling well and so today he really just laid around.  he was lying on the chair with the red blanket that I’m usually cuddled up in.  He told Daddy that “that’s mommys!”  And tonight it’s raining and so he won’t go to bed until I come to bed with him.  He comes up to me “Night mommy!  Night mommy!” as he’s pulling my arm.  Earlier tonight he helped me make popcorn on the stove.  He poured the popcorn  kernels into the pan and then we watched as the kernels went POP POP POP!  He had to try a piece right away as soon as I put them in the bowl.  “mmmmm dood” he said.  And he tried as hard as he could to put the kitchen chair back under the table but when he couldn’t, he decided he’d move the tote out of the way instead.  🙂  Speaking of my sweet as sugar little boy, he’s headed back to our room to go night night so I’d better follow.  I told him I’d come in after my show was over and since it’s over I guess I’d better make good on my promise 😀


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