Writers Block

First of all I have to apologize for my posts lately.  Now I know how writers block feels!  Hopefully one of these days my creative writing skills will once again become apparent…but until then, I guess we’ll have to just keep plugging away!!!

Yesterday I filled out a form for Brighton’s new preschool called “all about me.”  It got me thinking about all the new things Brighton is doing and discovering.  
I’ll start with his new preschool.  He LOVES it!  Miss Mary has centers for science, art, language, dramatic play (which Andrew thinks is hilarious), and math.  They have free time during the day, he gets regular snacks and a great lunch, never comes home hungry, goes on field trips and she’s even invited me to bring him next Friday to their field trip to the pumpkin patch.  I guess this is what REAL good preschools are, but it’s such an eye opening experience for me to be able to drop him off and not worry!!  I actually almost cried Wednesday when I left him but it was because she was rounding them up to go on a field trip to the Children’s Museum and watching Brighton toddle along with the other kids and me knowing he was going to have fun and be safe and all that jazz just got to me.
Another new thing, Coffee.  Brighton sees mom making espresso every morning and occasionally, I’ll make him a steamer.  That is steamed milk with syrup.  So the other day, he looks at me and says “I want coffee mom!”  My reply went something like this “You want coffee?”  Yeah, I know.  Pretty uneventful.  And I proceeded to make him a vanilla steamer.  For the next three days.  Yesterday I made him a raspberry steamer and he looked up at me after taking a drink and said “Is this coffee?”  “Yep!” I said, “it’s raspberry coffee, Daddy’s favorite!”  Wherein he proceeded to drink it hesitantly.  Well, I  better be off. I have to get this house prepared for the Gazette photographer who is coming out to take a pic of my gourds…
We’ll be in the paper on Saturday the 13th of October!!  Check it out!

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